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You can be a marketer, HubSpot user, non-user, friend, or just genuinely interested in the latest and most successful ways of marketing and growing your business! Either way, we would love for you to come join our HUG!

We host multiple HUG events throughout the year that are aimed at educating business owners and marketing professionals on the latest inbound marketing strategies, HubSpot training, and industry trends.

Event Details:


June 21, 2018


9:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST


UCF Executive Development Center - Room 203

36 W. Pine Street

Orlando, FL  32801

Save your spot for the Orlando HUG Workshop before all the seats are taken!


Event Itinerary

9:30 am-12:00 pm

Perfecting Your HubSpot Marketing Reporting Capabilities [Workshop]

This live workshop is presented by Nathan Hodge, HubSpot's Senior Customer Success Manager.

This HUG event teaches HubSpot Users how to set up, create, optimize, analyze and implement the HubSpot Reporting tools for:

  • Dashboards,
  • Content Strategy and,
  • Campaign Analytics.

Nathan will help you set up your reporting and analytic systems to gain even better insight into your marketing performance.

You'll learn how to optimize and understand reporting results in the content strategy, campaign analytics, and dashboard tools.

After you have learned to set up and optimize your reporting systems in your HubSpot portal, you will be able to better understand your marketing strengths and weaknesses at generating:

  • Website Traffic,
  • Qualified Leads,
  • Content,
  • Social Media Interactions,
  • Sales Leads, and
  • An optimized sales and marketing lead-nurturing funnel.

Nathan will personally go around the room and ensure everyone is set up and satisfied by the end of the workshop. So, make sure you bring your laptop!

You will walk away with a well-informed mindset of how to use your short-term marketing reporting tools to achieve long-term marketing strategy, campaign, and content goals.

You will leave this workshop with an optimized and effective reporting system that you can immediately use to provide insight and results to your company and colleagues.

Nathan has generously chosen to make this workshop long enough so that every single person in the room can get these results.

This workshop is limited to the first 50 attendees to sign up, so be sure to sign up quickly!