How to Use Hubspot's SMART Content on Your Franchisee's Microsites

Dustin DeTorres

As a franchise system, a large majority of your online traffic is most likely coming from your franchisee's microsites. The dozens or hundreds of locations you have are another fantastic way for people and prospects to come into contact with your brand both corporately and at the local level.

One of the beautiful things about work with the Hubspot platform is that you're able to customize your content by where your lead is in the sales funnel, geography and basically any other type of situation that makes sense for your franchise sales and marketing process. In the steps below, I will show you how to create Hubspot Smart Call to Action content on your current CMS or on the Hubspot COS. (If you're using the Hubspot Website Add-on, you'll be able to customize the actual website content outside of just CTA's. In my example, I'm sharing with you the tactics associated with CTA's only). 

Step 1: 

Create Lists and think about your sales process.

What are the pieces of content your prospective buyers need to interact with before they make their final decision to make the call or fill out the contact form? What qualifying factors play into these prospects or customers taking the actions you want them to take?

For example, if you're in the In-Home Care space, you probably want people to feel like they trust your local franchisee. You may want to also sell them on local qualifications or even testimonials from past clients. After they become a client, you'll also want to make sure if they come back to your site that you make it easy for them to refer you or share your opportunity on social media. 

Start by building lists. Go to Contacts > Lists and Create a New List. 

Create a list based on the Lifecycle Stage of the prospect or client. In this example, we created a list based off of the Lifecycle Stage of MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and someone who visited the Nashville Franchisee's subdirectory microsite. 

franchise marketing hubspot lists

You should then start building lists of different Lifecycle Stages and people who have viewed this one particular franchisee's page(s). For example: 

List Example 1: Lifecycyle Stage of MQL and who have viewed the Nashville Page at least 1 time

List Example 2: Lifecycle Stage of SQL and who have viewed the Nashville Page at least 1 time 

List Example 3: Lifecycyle Stage of Customer and who have filled out a form on your Nashville Page

List Example 4: People with an IP Address of the Nashville area with any Lifecycyle Stage

Step 2: 

Start duplicating!

You will want to create a template of Lists that makes sense for 1 franchisee that will be easily duplicated for all of your zees. Then, start cloning your lists! You will want to work with Hubspot Partner Agency at this point that has experience in the multi-location space since this part can be overwhelming and monotonous. (Notes: I also recommend creating a Campaign at this level for each franchisee so you can later associate your campaign pieces to each zee later on. You will also want to use the List Folder feature for your lists as it can easily get out of hand!) 

franchise marketing Smart Lists duplicated


Step 3:

Take Inventory and Start Creating Smart CTA's

Make a document of the offers you have to share both at the corporate level as well as localized content. In a perfect world, you should create localized offers that are hyperlocal and targeted to the persona looking around at the franchisee level as well as separated by TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. This may take some time but is well worth it.

For example: 

Corporate: Offers 1,2, 3, 4

Nashville: Nashville Offers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc etc 

Next, go into the Hubspot CTA tool and click on Create a Smart CTA. Here you can start building out your many CTA's for each franchisee. In the examples used above, we mention creating Contact List Membership segmentation but you can also choose Lifecycyle Stage directly or Country, Device Type or Referral Source. 

franchise marketing smart content


After you have created your Smart CTA's, you can then go into each franchisee's Campaign and start associating the different Smart CTA's. Hubspot makes it easy for you to find your Smart CTAs since you can segment your CTA's by Campaign at the top left. 

franchise marketing Hubspot CTA

The embed code Hubspot offers you can now be used on your Hubspot COS, WordPress or basically any CMS website for your franchisee's microsites. 

franchisee level content

Step 4:


Whether you just try this tactic for one of your franchisees or you go all-in and do this strategy for your entire system, you will need to keep a close eye on what's working and what's not. Hubspot provides pretty decent analytics for your CTA's in the tool itself. Click on "Show Chart" at the top right in the CTA section and then segment by Campaign.  

analytics for franchisors

I personally prefer to use the newer Hubspot Reporting Add-on Tool for all of my reporting on the franchisee level. I will go into a lot more detail on how to use that newer tool in a future post. (Make sure to Subscribe to this blog!)

There are many different ways a franchisor can use the above mentioned strategy to create customized content on the LOCAL level. Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to comment below or to reach out to me directly at or call 866-887-4624.

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